Questionable adult, Luisa Rubio, is an actor, comedian, and writer born and raised in Manila to parents with real jobs, unlike Luisa. 

Though Luisa's boomer mom would have preferred she be a doctor, she graduated the Performing Arts - Preparation program at Sheridan, and Humber College's Comedy Writing and Performance anyway.

She considers Robert Downey Jr, Iliza Shlesinger and Ellen DeGeneres as her influences, as they are comedy actors/personalities with deadpan and observational humor.  Although the Kardashians sport a deadpan tone and non-existent facial expressions, she does not consider the Kardashians as one of her influences, because she grew up (debatable), and is no longer a fan.  She has been Kardashian-sober for two years, and counting –– she may or may not have slipped a couple of times, because "You can't let the Kardashian streaming subscription go to waste!".

You can find Luisa ripping through the streets of Toronto on a skateboard, as she scours for anything that mildly resembles to coffee to feed her addiction before an audition.        

AboOoOt luisa

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